Small Group Training (2-5ppl max)

Based on number of participants range from $50-75 per person

Great Neck Fitness is a certified Premier TRX facility and both Lawrence & Angela are premier ranked TRX instructors with almost 100 hours of TRX training education each. Small group training is a 55 minute session that can have up to 5 people maximum. The structure is with emphasis on TRX but also includes functional training, weight training, balance agility and more. There is no small group training schedule rather you can coordinate this by contacting us and will be planned based on availability. Price will vary based upon total number of people in the group.

Show Prep

For those seeking to be on stage in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and or bikini modeling.From to Natural WNBF pro's larry and angie will teach you all aspects of show prep including diet guidelines, mandatory posing, scoring and meal planning.

Prep packages include weekly weigh ins, complete food and workout guidelines, Suit, hair, tanning and makeup guidance. Familiarization and breakdown of show scoring and criteria with recommended show day planning.

Larry Show Prep Angie Show Prep

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling gives you a complete body composition breakdown and analysis of body fat, muscle mass and daily caloric expenditure. We will provide you with structured realistic meal planning providing exact daily caloric and macronutrient breakdown and more importantly we?ll detail how and when to eat optimally to help you achieve your goals! You will have 24 hour coaching via email and text along with in person consults to keep you on a path of continued success!

Weight Loss/Strength Training

Great for most individuals trying to maintain healthy weight or lose weight. We combine functional calisthenics, machine and free weight resistance training with circuit intervals on our top of the line cardio machines for an intense individualized workout.

Sport/Athletic Training

Designed for prospective collegiate and high school athletes, or the avid weekend warrior looking to better their run time or take a few strokes off their golf game. With athletic training we incorporate power lifting with the latest in speed and agility techniques to fine tune you in your sport.

Bodybuilding/Weight Training

Suitable for recreational or competitive individuals looking to build on their own routines, learn new ones and add unique exercises. WE can also help you to break past performance platue's and stale boring workouts. WNBF pro's Angela and Larry will guide you with their expertise to get you the most out of your training.

Senior Fitness

The senior fitness program addresses the needs of the older fitness enthusiast. Exercises are selected on an individual client basis with emphasis on overall balance and postural stability. If needed rehabilitative exercises will be incorporated into an individuals program to help specific areas of weakness or imbalance or lack of strength.

Rehabilitative Training

This program is designed for those who are pre/post operative, or have specific surgical limitations or injuries. We will emphasize physical therapy protocol with stretching and incorporate additional exercises on an individuals needs addressing pain management and injury prevention.

Nutritional Counseling

Total meal counseling can be done on its own but it's a great addition to your training program. The nutritional counseling will help create attainable, realistic goals through structured meal planning. After a full body assessment and breakdown of body fat, muscle mass and metabolic daily needs a meal plan will be designed with consideration for dietary needs, insufficiencies, allergies if necessary the clients religious restrictions with regard to food. A full bvitamin analysis will also be doneThis will be followed with daily text ,emails and weekly meetings to re adjust goals based off of progress.

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